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The Ultimate Security

The Ultimate Security

£1000 break-in guarantee!

3 star locking cylinder

3 star locking cylinder

Turn your home into a bank vault!

high security keys

high security keys

The UK's highest security

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secured by design

Get the ultimate security for your Endurance Door with the ABS Ultimate Locking Cylinder!


The UK's Highest Accredited Lock Range

ABS Ultimate is a euro cylinder with – SS312 Sold Secure Diamond, TS007 3 star rating, British Kitemark and Secured by Design accreditations. You’ll be able to enhance the security of your home with a certified design. The ABS Ultimate lock has achieved a level of security that far surpasses other locking cylinders on the market.

high security cylinder as standard
approved document Q

British Kitemark Standard

As one of the most recognised symbols of quality and safety, the British Kitemark Standard has been allowing homeowners to invest trust in their purchased for years. To ensure the ABS Ultimate Locking cylinder achieves this standard, it undergoes strict testing, assessment and monitoring on a regular basis.

With this in mind, Endurance doors that are fitted with this locking system are able to offer you an impressive degree of security. When combined with our sledge-hammer tested solid timber core, modern manufacturing techniques and premium grade materials you won’t settle for less.

secured by design

Patented Snap Secure Technology

Snapping the lock is a popular method that burglars use to gain entry into your property, with the profile euro cylinder failing to provide the strength or design to prevent it. In response to this, the ABS Ultimate Locking Cylinder has patented snap secure technology to stand up to attack.

This is made possible by a multi-part cylinder that responds to a lock snapping attempt by creating a high security barrier to the inner locking mechanism. This prevents a would-be intruder from snapping the cylinder and gaining access.

anti pick lock cylinder

Document Q Compliance

Document Q is a government outline of the legal security standards for doors and windows to resist physical attack by a burglar. This includes the requirements of inherent structural integrity and appropriate hardware performance. All of our ABS Ultimate Locking Cylinder locks are Document Q complaint, so you can feel safer in your home.

abs ultimate lock cylinder

Secured by Design Accredited

The Secured by Design (SBD) accreditation illustrates a degree of security that has been recognised by the Metropolitan Police standard. Having undergone rigorous testing, the ABS Ultimate Locking Cylinder has proven itself to uphold outstanding protection against crime.

This means that your composite door will be designed with current crime trends in mind, so they are sure to offer modern performance to keep you safe. Carefully designed and tested, the ABS Ultimate Cylinder is the best option for your home.

anti snap lock cylinder

Pick, Drill & Bump Resistant

Other forms of getting past the security of the lock including picking, drilling and bumping. The ABS Ultimate Locking Cylinder is fitted with advanced pick resistance, anti-drill and anti-bump pins to prevent these methods from being successful.

These adjustments to the inner workings of the lock allows it to offer complete protection for your home. You’ll be able to relax in the knowledge that your are investing in a new addition to your home that will keep you safe and sound.

Guaranteed Peace of Mind

The ABS Ultimate Locking Cylinder meets the requirements of the British Kitemark, TS007 3* and Sold Secure Diamond testing criteria and also holds Secured by Design accreditation – the Police Crime Preventions Initiative. The ABS Ultimate lock has been specifically designed to combat against all known methods of attack on a euro cylinder. The clever locking system of the ABS Ultimate knows when it’s being attacked, with a hidden locking mechanism that automatically engages to stop would be burglars in their tracks.

The ABS Ultimate lock will remain secure after forced entry snapping attacks and in most cases will still be operable with the key from the inside. This means that you won’t be trapped inside your home should the lock be attacked. Given that we offer this unprecedented level of security on ABS Ultimate locks we have the confidence to state that in the unfortunate event that a burglar was able to gain access to your property by snapping the ABS Ultimate cylinder then Avocet will pay £1000 in compensation to the homeowner.

£2000 break in guarantee

The £2000 Security Guarantee applies provided that all of the following conditions are met:

  1. Doors covered by the guarantee are deadlocked using genuine keys provided and the keys are not left in the cylinder.

  2. The guarantee form has been filled in and completed (online) and received within 28 days of the installation and not less than 1 month prior to any claim being made.

  3. The products must have been fitted by an Endurance Doors Preferred Installer, like Composite Doors Cardiff Limited.

  4. The ABS Ultimate Lock has been maintained correctly with graphite powder as a dry lubricant at 12 months intervals from the date of installation. Do not use WD40 or 3-in-1 oil.

  5. Any claims must be made in writing within 28 days of the break-in providing details of the incident and MUST include the crime reference number provided by the Police Authority the crime was reported to. An Avocet Technical representative will conduct a brief but detailed investigation within 28 days of the reported break-in. The ABS Ultimate lock MUST be returned to Avocet for inspection with photographic evidence of the lock snapped within the door. After investigation if the report confirms that the ABS Ultimate lock relating to the compensation guarantee were correctly fitted and maintained, according to our instructions, and failed due to a forced entry through the door the ABS Ultimate lock was fitted in, the claim will be processed within 28 days of the inspection.

  6. Only one claim per installation is permissible within the 10 year guarantee period which commences at the registered installation date. Guarantee is valid for UK mainland installations and applies to domestic homeowners properties only.

What our customers say
distinction doors barry

Kathryn, Cardiff

I found Rob to be professional and trustworthy and a fantastic communicator. He provided brilliant support from start to finish during the project he assisted me with. He also offered me a product which far exceeded my expectations. I am so happy with my 'stable' door' it fits the bill exactly! Rob kept in touch every step of the way and order to installation only took about a fortnight. Thanks Rob and your team for a VERY satisfied customer who would recommend you anytime.

composite doors barry

Garry, Penarth

Rob is a very knowledgeable, professional and very trustworthy person, I too own my own businesses and know the value of customer trust and recommendations. I would have no problem recommending this company to anyone.

composite doors vale of glamorgan

Matthew & Sue, Brecon

We have small children so wanted the to make sure our family home was safe and secure. Rob gave expert advice and actually advised us against spending more than we were going to. Not only have we saved money, but we also have an attractive & secure home as well!

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