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Window Designer

The old fashioned cliché of “we need to pop to your house and measure up to give you a price” doesn’t exist with us, because we’re not salesman, we don’t charge commission and we don’t want to take up 2 hours of your valuable time with boring sales pitches and make-believe price drops! If you can email us photographs of your windows, with rough wall-to-wall sizes, we are happy to produce a quotation for you via email. It is very rare, in fact almost abnormal, for us to increase a price once we survey the job. We haven’t acquired our 100% 5-star reviews by being bad at what we do and not being local, trusted experts.

Design and price your own windows!

Please fill in a few details about yourself using the short form below, and then click Submit to start the ball rolling! Then, simply design your windows exactly how you'd like them and then submit the final design to us so that we can apply discounts and confirm the final price! Please note that the prices displayed are a guide and we will most likely reduce your final quoted price!

If you would also like a price for a composite door please use our door designer here. If you have any questions or need any help at all, please contact us and let us know. 

If you need any help just let us know.
You may prefer to read our Quick Start Guide before you start!

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