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You can design your own windows and get a ball park price easily by using our Window Designer. All you need is a tape measure and camera! Simply measure the width and height of each window from wall-to-wall in Millimetres (mm) and make a note of the style you currently have - we suggest taking a photograph of the windows for easier reference.

Although the Window Designer does work on mobile phones, we recommend using a tablet or PC.

online window designer

Step 1

Select the item you would like to design, e.g. casement window, patio door etc.

price your own windows
online window quote

Step 2

Select the design style of window you would like to design.​​

There are several designs to choose from, which are the most popular layouts. We know that some customers will have different styles and that's fine. You can actually add extra parts, change the widths and heights of sashes etc yourself if needed, by clicking on the frame part you would like to change. Or, just tell us in the comments at the end and we will do it for you. Email a photograph of anything you would like us to copy for you. There is no charge or obligation!

window quotation

Step 3

Enter the width and height into the boxes.

Don't panic about being too accurate. We take into account that you are probably not a qualified window surveyor! Just measure as best you can and that is fine.

double glazing quote

Step 4

Choose the colour, or leave white. These are some of the most popular colours available. Let us know if you are looking for something different. 

how much are windows

Step 5

Choose your handle colour if applicable. All handles are white as standard.

online window prices

Step 6

Select a glass texture if needed. Just click on the glazed area of the window you wish to change and select the glass you like. All glass is clear as standard. 


You can also choose features such as Georgian Bar, Diamond Lead etc if needed. 

free window quote

Step 7

When you're happy, click on "Add this item". You can then "Add another frame" and start the process again, or "Request a quotation". 

window prices barry

Step 8

Enter as many details as you can to help us out. We will not add you to a mailing list or pass your details to any third party. We will also not turn up at your property. Your address is helpful to us if we need to see your windows on Google Maps.

What happens next?

Once we have received your details we will apply discounts and produce a no-obligation quotation for you. If we have any questions to help us be more accurate, we will send you an email. Often these questions can be avoided if you email us photographs of the window(s) you would like pricing, just external photographs are fine!

Our aim is to do away with stereotypical door-to-door canvassing and 2 hour salesman visits. They are simply not needed and give our industry a bad name and reputation. However, if you would like somebody to come to visit you at your property, please let us know. We're just trying out best to make pricing your windows as easy and hassle free as possible. 

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