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Take your time - design online!

Nobody likes the pressure of having to choose something whilst being watched by an eager salesman. Here at Composite Doors Cardiff we don’t employ salesmen, but nevertheless we understand that choosing something as important as your new front door is something that you shouldn’t rush into. With so many designs, colours, handles, hardware colours, glass designs and other options to choose from, you need to take your time and try a few different ideas out. After all, how would you feel when your new door is installed and you decide you really would have preferred a red one? This is why we have launched our online door designer.

online door designer

We have made it possible for you to take your time, consider your options and design as many times as you like until you find the perfect door. You can even upload a photograph of your house and superimpose your door design onto it allowing you to see how amazing it will look when installed. With our state of the art designer you can design your door, without any pressure whatsoever, from the comfort of your home, a train, a restaurant or even the toilet seat!

Simply visit and click on Door Designer to get started.

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