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Trust Preferred Installers!

We are proud to announce that, as part of their Trusted Installer Network, Endurance Doors have awarded us with the prestigious title of Preferred Installers for their premium 48mm thick timber core Composite Doors. This firmly clarifies our close relationship with Endurance Doors as well as our in-depth knowledge of their products.

endurance doors preferred installer

Knowledge of technical products is essential when planning the ideal door for your property. A salesman will simply tell you yes to whatever will get the sale, whereas Composite Doors Cardiff Ltd will send time to explain the products, options and point out and legal issues that may arise from your chosen design. Our pricing is always clear and concise and we will always advise you on how to lower the price of your door, rather than try and sell you more than you need.

If you are planning on replacing your door, who would you rather buy from? A salesman simply looking for your sale to hit targets and earn commission, or somewhere that knows the products, has 100% 5-star reviews and has been awarded a title by the product manufacturer, such as Endurance Doors Preferred Installer.

You can design your own Endurance Door here. Simply click on the design, colour, glazing and hardware that you like, submit your details and we will reply to you within 24 hours Mon-Fri with a no-obligation quotation.

Composite Doors Cardiff - making South Wales even more beautiful, one home at a time.

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